Hello, my name is Manon Mialet, front-end developer based in Paris Montreal.

2249 rue de la visitation
Montreal QC H2L3E1

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Redesign for Jean -Julien- Jean's website

Julien Jean , Artistic Director / Interactive designer wanted a new portfolio. Page changes are fluid and give the impression of a one pager without altering the loading time.

Redesign of Le Workshop's website

During June, I've worked with Julien Jean on redesigning Le Workshop's website. In order to maximize SEO and brand visibility, we've created a responsive multi-pages website presenting the showroom's spirit, integrating a Wordpress blog to inform about the showroom's activities.

Redesign of Extreme Agency's website

From July to August 2014, I was hired by a Paris-based communication agency named Extreme to participate in reworking their identity. In that contract, I've worked on conceptualizing and developing their back-office Wordpress, while also elaborating their front-end development and interactive design.

One Page for the creative brand Epolet Studio

Epolet's founders asked me to join them in developing their showcase website. During the month of April, I therefore worked on creating a one-page responsive website that could offer a visual sneak peak into the brand's history, while also promoting Epolet's creative spirit by the use of an interactive design.

Freshly introduced to the world of coding, I'm currently looking for a job as a front-end developer to perfect my experience in this challenging, exciting and ever-changing domain.

About me

August 1989

Born in the south of France

April 2013

Career transition

January 2014 - April 2014

Accelerated training front and back-end development,
Web Force 3

April 2014 - Now

Self-employed, front-end development.

October 2014 - Now

Front & Back-end developer,
MG2 Media





2249 rue de la visitation
Montreal QC H2L 3E1

Phone +1 (514) 292 8242
Mail bonjour@manonmialet.com
Follow @MMialet